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08. July | Corrugated board | Cutting die | Top-News

The rubber does the trick.


Rubbering has a major influence on the performance of a die-cutting machine during packaging production. That's why selecting the right rubber is essential. 

When it comes to rubbering corrugated board cutting-dies (flat and rotary!), you're always on the right track with our new marbaject rubber. 

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12. March | Cutting die | Corrugated board

Optimum results when die-cutting corrugated board packaging.

With the special tool marbacover|2.0.

During the production of corrugated board packaging, the inner layers can burst open. Especially when using cover layers of corrugated board made from materials with lower quality properties. But how can good packaging quality be achieved – even with such difficult materials?

We have the solution for this: With the special tool technology marbacover|2.0, it is possible to reduce bursting inner layers to a minimum and achieve optimum die-cutting results. And marbacover|2.0 is suitable for almost all corrugated board qualities.

14. December | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Tobacco

Durable, precise and light. This is possible.

With the duramar|alu cutting-die.

In the production of packaging, wood is usually used as the dieboard material for standard requirements. But what if wood cannot fulfil the requirements for durability when die-cutting?

Then it's time for a dimensionally stable dieboard: Specifically, for our high-end duramar|alu tool. Because this combines many technical advantages with significantly reduced weight and thus optimized handling during packaging production.

17. March | Folding Boxes | Whitepaper

Make-Ready, steady, GO!

Make-ready in no time at all.

The demands on packaging manufacturers are increasing: high productivity, low machine downtimes and high-quality packaging are all required – regardless of the run length. An essential factor for the necessary productivity is the cutting-rule make-ready.

Find out how you can significantly reduce cutting-die make-ready times to a minimum and so increase your productivity and die service life. For maximum performance when die-cutting your packaging.

31. October | Folding Boxes

Lightweight and precise in large format.

solidplate|alu tool.

When die-cutting large folding box formats, precision is essential. The larger the tool, the more the smallest dimensional tolerances will impact. Tool weight is also a significant factor for large formats.

How can you get both? Quite simply: with the solidplate|alu. Thanks to its special design, it is not only light, but also highly precise. And thus ensures easy handling, productivity in packaging production and the best die-cutting results.

30. August | Corrugated board

Die-cutting of thick materials made easy.

Special tools for honeycomb corrugated board.

Everyone is talking about climate protection. To help achieve climate targets, environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable alternatives to plastic, Styrofoam and more are in demand when it comes to transport protection.

This alternative is called honeycomb corrugated board. It is lightweight, stable, recyclable, stackable, pressure-resistant and reusable. However, its material thickness is difficult to control when die-cutting. But not with our special tools. 

11. August | Corrugated board | Cutting die

Moisture fluctuations when die-cutting corrugated board? No problem!

With the nick changing system.

When die-cutting corrugated board, moisture fluctuations make life difficult for machine operators. This is because significantly more nicks are required for dry material than for moist material.

We have the solution to this commonplace challenge: With the nick changing system, your tool can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the respective material properties.


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