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25. March | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Corrugated board | Innovation & digitalization | Service | Top-News

drupa 2021 - just virtually then.

drupa. The world's largest trade show for print media. A hub for companies from the packaging industry once every 4 years. Cancellation of the trade show seemed unimaginable. And yet it happened.

But fortunately, there is the internet. And now drupa can take place after all. Although in a completely different way: shorter and virtually. That's how it will be. And of course we will be there and looking forward to your visit!

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19. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization

Simply productive.

A hotfoiling die for packaging embellishment must be perfectly positioned. Whether flat or fluted, the positioning must match the layout. Unfortunately, in practice this positioning is a very time-consuming process.

Our solution: the thinplate system. On this special steel plate, you can adjust and archive the embossing position during hotfoiling. This saves you valuable set-up time for each repeat job.

19. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization | Service

Die-cutting 4.0.

Packaging production requires - among other things - a die-cutting machine and cutting-dies. The present: There is no connection between die-cutting machine, cutting-die and user.

The future: CONNECT|M. A software solution that connects the die-cutting machine and tool with the user on a cloud-based basis. For performance tracking and tool management. The basis for maximum transparency in packaging production.

15. April | Folding Boxes | Cutting die | Corrugated board

Digital zone levelling – makes everything run smoothly

Efficient make-ready
An uneven platen can lead to extensive area patching with every new order and a substantial waste of time.
The Marbach solution: when inserted into the diecutter, the DZL|plate protection plate compensates for system-related tolerances in the platen for many months …

13. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization

Perfect fit.

A steel counter plate needs to fit the cutting-die perfectly. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The result: a set-up process that often takes longer than it should.

Our solution: marbazero. With this special distance plate, you can position your steel counter plate to match the cutting-die - without long set-up times. Actually, in no time at all.

13. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization

Blanking made easy.

Blanking is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, even the most demanding layouts need to be separated automatically. And this at high machine speeds. No easy task.

But we have the solution: the alublanker. This blanking tool is made entirely of aluminum. It ensures smooth production processes and easy handling during blanking.

12. April | Corrugated board | Cutting die | Market-Insights

Exclusive survey on fiber packaging

Breaking News - We have fresh figures on a topic that moves the packaging industry is in a state of pandemic: fiber packaging.

The picture is encouraging, as there are are predominantly very positive expectations for business development. But: there are also major tasks that await. The concrete figures of the survey are available here ...

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