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17. December | Top-News

Folding cartons cost money. That is obvious. What is not obvious, however, is how high the cost of the cutting-die is in relation to a folding carton.

An exciting question for which there are more than 2 million hits on the google search. But there is no real result, no clear answer to that question. We at Marbach have the answer for you. Exclusively.

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14. December | Service | Folding Boxes

One hub. Many topics, many benefits.

Marbach Experience Hub
A unique platform for the packaging industry with the latest news and exclusive content. Welcome to Marbach’s Experience Hub. A network for fast, straightforward information and communication with your Marbach specialists ...

14. December | Market-Insights | Folding Boxes

Paperboard packaging - growth market or stagnating prospects?

Where will the paperboard market be in four years? What effects will this have on your company? In which way do you optimally plan your business development activities? A central question here: which markets have potential for interesting growth?

11. December | Service | Folding Boxes

Flawless processes. Short make-ready times. Excellent cutting results.

Better performance. Higher productivity. Package solution.
Productivity in packaging production. The cutting tool makes a crucial difference, but is not the only thing. Cutting is a complex process in which many parameters are important. The result must always be maximum performance.

The Marbach solution: A package which enables us to increase your productivity. At minimum cost to you – yet highly effective. For maximum cutting performance ...

09. December | Folding Boxes

Systematic embossing and refining

The embossing register system IV
If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit. This is easily said. Continually changing orders and time pressure are the challenges where embossing and refining are concerned.

The Marbach solution: Save time. Ensure quality at the highest level. And avoid waste. Our embossing register system IV enables typical challenges to be overcome. And ensures better performance, higher productivity and satisfied customers ...

08. December | Service

The workbench is on its way ...

Every journey takes time – and therefore costs money
Only professionals can carry out perfect cutting. And professionals need professional equipment. Preferably on site. Exactly where the work is done. Why? Because every journey costs ...

The Marbach solution: mbench|smart and mbench|pro. With these mobile workstations, the workbench comes to the machine and not the other way round. This changes production processes for the better and ensures more productivity ...

07. December | Service

Knowledge is the road to success

Your expertise for reduced make-ready times
Small print runs mean frequent re-tooling. In such cases, it is particularly important that make-ready times are as short as possible.

The Marbach solution: In the Marbach Academy we deliver the expertise for all technologies in modules that are designed to be both educational and meaningful in content, and provide answers to your questions ...

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