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A clean job.

With the mplaten|cleaner-smart.

Market demands on die-cutting machine productivity are increasing year by year. This makes it necessary to reduce set-up times even more. Two important components in minimizing these times are technological equipment and the quality of the die packages.

In addition to the tool technologies used and their functionality, the condition of the die-cutting machine also plays an important role in achieving maximum output. But how can this be positively improved?


Maximum output through high-performance die-cutting machines.

Dirt, rust, and unevenness in the cutting platen lead to increased make-ready effort, reduced tool life, and ultimately to reduction in packaging quality. Thorough and regular cleaning of the die-cutting machine prevents such negative consequences. However, in practice, regular machine cleaning is often not easy to implement because the cutting platen is difficult to access. Therefore, with the mplaten|cleaner-smart, Marbach has a solution in its portfolio that enables efficient and fast cleaning of the cutting platen: the perfect solution leading to increase in the productivity of die-cutting machines.

Thanks to its special design, the mplaten|cleaner-smart is a practical platen cleaning device, which ensures fast and efficient cleaning of the cutting platen. This is because it allows simultaneous cleaning of the upper and lower platen without the need to dismantle the chain in the die-cutting machine. The platen can therefore, be cleaned quickly and easily by the machine operators themselves. The universal "one-size-fits-all" device for paperboard and corrugated board machines with different platen opening dimensions, can be used for all common die-cutting machines. 

With the mplaten|cleaner-smart, you can clean even hard-to-reach places without any problems. Initial basic cleaning is recommended to ensure the platen remains in good condition. This is followed up by speedier regular cleaning. As the dirt and rust is removed, the platen's unevenness is smoothed out, so reducing the amount of make-ready time required for each individual job. This results not only in time savings, but also in less consumption and make-ready material costs - not to mention savings in waste paper. In addition to the reduction of make-ready effort, the die-cutting pressure can also be reduced, ensuring a longer service life of the cutting-dies. This has a positive effect on die-cutting results, and increases and maintains the productivity of the die-cutting machine in the long term. 

For maximum performance and highest productivity of your die-cutting machines.

Would you like to learn more about our platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner-smart? We would be more than pleased to advise you. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.


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