03. March | Corrugated board | Cutting die

All flute?

Maximum efficiency when stripping corrugated board.

There are very special challenges when stripping corrugated board. Why is this so? The different thicknesses of the materials and the layer structure of the corrugated board mean that there is not one correct stripping strategy, but several. To ensure maximum efficiency and zero waste when stripping corrugated board, it is necessary to consider the two applications, single flute and double flute, separately.

1. Single flute application
In single flute stripping, the use of dynamic stripping plays a decisive role when it comes to stripping efficiency and zero waste. In dynamic stripping, the removal of waste is controlled by a dynamic stripping process. A stripping tool with an upper and a lower part is used. The upper stripping part is equipped with special claws and pins. Opposing this, there are corresponding cutouts in the lower part. This allows maximum speeds during machine operation. An uncomplicated solution with great effect, because it makes processes safe, predictable and efficient.

The standard in dynamic stripping: marbastrip
Simply install the marbastrip tool in the stripping station and off you go. With marbastrip, dynamic stripping is realized smoothly. Its design and equipment bring success. Marbach has thus created a standard that has proven itself with sales over 500,000 times worldwide.

High-performance dynamic stripping: masterstrip|plate
Based on the marbastrip system, Marbach has developed the high-performance tool masterstrip|plate. The difference lies in the male stripper. The masterstrip|plate is equipped with a presser plate and special sheet lifters. The presser plate fixes the waste securely and evenly during the stripping process. The sheet lifters - marbafly - support the smooth transport of the paperboard sheet. The marbapoint set-up aid is also part of the system. Its laser ensures that the male and female strippers are positioned quickly, easily and accurately in the die-cutting machine. The result is a smoothly operating system.

2. Double flute application
When die-cutting double flutes, on the other hand, dynamic stripping reaches its limits. Here, an optimized stripping system, matched to the respective type of double flute, is the best choice. Because what dynamic stripping is for single flute, optimized stripping is for double flute. Depending on the thickness, the quality (recycled rate), the type of double flute and the blank contour, the stripping tool is individually designed and equipped to meet your requirements. As a result, the special requirements are mastered in the best possible way and your stripping process runs smoothly. High productivity, production reliability and waste-free blanks are the result.

As you can see: when stripping corrugated board, the right strategy determines the productivity and waste-free nature of your blanks. We will be pleased to advise you on which strategy makes sense for which of your orders and what exactly you have to consider. Your Marbach specialist Oliver Thüringer is looking forward to hearing from you:, Tel. +49 170 918 0001



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