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Always the right counterpart.

The quality of a creasing is crucial for the appearance, functionality and further processing of a folding carton. For perfect creasing, every cutting-die needs its matching counterpart.

But which counter material is right for you? We have the answer. And the right counter plate. Whether matrix, rillma or steel counter plate for the best creasing performance.


Best creasing performance when die-cutting paperboard.

The quality of a crease is crucial. For the appearance and functionality of a folding carton as well as for further processing in the gluing and packaging machine. The creasing quality is mainly influenced by the correct counter material. This should always be matched to the requirements of the job. For maximum creasing performance with each individual job.

Matrixes, rillma or steel counter plates can be used as counter material. Each of these counter plates has its advantages and disadvantages. The answer to the question of which tool technology is the right one is quite clear: it always depends...

Creasing matrixes
Creasing matrixes are very popular because they are allegedly cheap and flexible. But only at first glance. This is because as the number of creasing rules in a cutting-die increases, so does the number of creasing matrixes and thus the set-up time for the counter plate increases as well. Experience has shown that matrixes are subject to more wear than alternative counter materials. They are therefore particularly recommended for short runs with few creases and lower demands on creasing quality. This is because they can lead to marks on the blank and are not suitable if finishing techniques such as embossing or reverse-cutting are to be used.

Rillma (Pertinax)
Rillma as counter material are simple, inexpensive and proven for almost any application. rillma for the whole up is placed on the cutting plate and die-cutting can begin. rillma is available in various designs and can thus be adapted exactly to the respective requirements. Patrices for braille embossing, reverse-cutting plates and other special technologies can also be easily integrated with rillma. rillma are from experience more durable than creasing matrixes and are therefore suitable for jobs with longer runs and repeat jobs. However, those looking for maximum process reliability and perfect cuts will find what they are looking for with the steel counter plate.

Steel counter plate
The steel counter plate is characterized by very short set-up times. Only the register to the cutting-die has to be prepared. For middle and long runs, the steel counter plate is ideal because it does not wear out significantly in the area of the creasing channels, even with long running times. However, it is not only a good choice for the longest runs because it is extremely durable, but also because it ensures a smooth production process with high machine speeds, as well as the best die-cutting and creasing results. 

As you can see: when it comes to selecting the right counter plate, it always depends on your individual requirements. We have summarized the various selection parameters for you in a decision guide. You can find this decision-making guide and much more information on the subject of the perfect counter material when die-cutting paperboard in our free white paper.

If you need additional support from our experienced specialists in deciding which technology is right for you, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your individual questions. Our Marbach specialist Jan Brunner looks forward to hearing from you:, Tel. +49 7131-918-388.


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