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Better all the way than not at all.

With the universal sheet delivery.

When producing folding cartons, in order to separate the blanks from a sheet of paperboard, blanking is the optimal method. If this is not preferred, the entire sheet can also be stacked in the blanking station.

And this is very easy - with the Marbach universal sheet delivery: Simply add this male tool in the blanking unit, adjust it and the sheet delivery works quickly and reliably.


Efficient full sheet delivery.

If die-cutting machines are equipped with a blanking unit, it is advisable to make use of this and to use a suitable blanking tool. However, there are also jobs where the blanks should not be separated but the entire sheet should be deposited. Up to now, this was possible, but very time-consuming due to the necessary conversion work required on the die-cutting machine. This is not the case with the universal sheet delivery: it allows the change from blanking to full sheet delivery in the blink of an eye and the delivery of the paperboard sheets can be quickly and easily adapted to each individual job.

When using the blanking unit of a die-cutting machine with a blanking tool, the male and female tools are installed in the die-cutting machine and off they go to produce the packaging. If full sheet delivery is required for a job, then the blanking unit must be changed to full sheet delivery. This takes up machine operator time, as it usually requires modifications to the machine. The job-specific set-up of the full sheet delivery also means a lot of extra work for the machine operator.

This is not the case with the universal sheet delivery. Because with it, the male blanking unit of the die-cutting machine can be quickly and easily changed from blanking to sheet delivery - and vice versa. This means a great time advantage for the machine operators as well as a significant improvement in the quality of the stack, which in turn ensures smoother processes in the folder gluing unit. The perfect complement: an order-specific frame in the female part, which is mounted on the Marbach-lightblanker base frame. The universal sheet delivery is available for machines in 102-106 format and 142-145 format.

It is particularly useful for very small jobs or for jobs that are not blanked. It can be combined with a guillotine so that it can be used flexibly according to the user's requirements.

Increase efficiency in full sheet delivery - with the universal sheet delivery from Marbach.

Would you like to know more about the universal sheet delivery? We would be pleased to advise you. Our Marbach specialist Jan Brunner looks forward to hearing from you:, Tel. +49 7131-918-388.


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