13. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization

Blanking made easy.

Maximum efficiency.

Blanking is a sub-process in packaging production in which many challenges arise. Especially in very demanding layouts when the blanks have to be separated automatically. Maximum efficiency requires not only precision, but also easy handling of the blanking tools employed.

With conventionally manufactured blanking tools used for special production requirements - such as blister cards, cup segments, small folding boxes or cigarette packaging - problems frequently occur because manufacturing tolerances are not optimal due to the physical material properties of laser-cut steel plates or bent rods. If, for this reason, the blank shafts differ in size, this will lead to longer set-up times and lower running speeds. On top of this, conventional blanking tools are very heavy and single-person handling at the machine is impossible. Increased manpower requirements and time delays are the result.

But, not so with our new alublanker. Because it ensures efficient processing and easy handling. The alublanker is a high-precision female blanker, made completely from one piece and manufactured in one milling operation. It is available in marbablanker or lightblanker versions. The separating grid is made of aluminum and is completely CNC processed. Produced in aluminum, its resulting low weight ensures optimized handling of the female tools. Two people are no longer needed to set-up a blanking tool, and this saves you time and personnel costs. Highest precision ensures perfect pile formation, reduced set-up times, excellent packaging quality with zero marks and high machine speeds. In short, for maximum performance in your blanking station.

Would you like to know more about the alublanker? We will be pleased to advise you. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.


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19. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization

Simply productive.

A hotfoiling die for packaging embellishment must be perfectly positioned. Whether flat or fluted, the positioning must match the layout. Unfortunately, in practice this positioning is a very time-consuming process.

Our solution: the thinplate system. On this special steel plate, you can adjust and archive the embossing position during hotfoiling. This saves you valuable set-up time for each repeat job.

19. April | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Innovation & digitalization | Service

Die-cutting 4.0.

Packaging production requires - among other things - a die-cutting machine and cutting-dies. The present: There is no connection between die-cutting machine, cutting-die and user.

The future: CONNECT|M. A software solution that connects the die-cutting machine and tool with the user on a cloud-based basis. For performance tracking and tool management. The basis for maximum transparency in packaging production.

15. April | Folding Boxes | Cutting die | Corrugated board

Digital zone levelling – makes everything run smoothly

Efficient make-ready
An uneven platen can lead to extensive area patching with every new order and a substantial waste of time.
The Marbach solution: when inserted into the diecutter, the DZL|plate protection plate compensates for system-related tolerances in the platen for many months …

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