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Die-cutting 4.0.


Packaging production requires - among other things - a die-cutting machine and cutting-dies. At the present time: there is no connection between die-cutting machine, cutting-die and user.

The future: CONNECT|M. A software solution that connects the die-cutting machine and the tool with the user on a cloud-based system. For performance tracking and tool management. The basis for maximum transparency in packaging production. 


Maximum visibility in packaging production.

Performance tracking and good tool management in packaging production are difficult to integrate. This is because the current die-cutting process – in contrast to the printing process – is still analog-based. Digital connectivity is therefore missing. The die-cutting machine, tool and user are not connected. If data on the tool and its performance are to be collected, this can often only be done manually offline and involving a great deal of effort. The end result is often data that is unreliable or which is missing and cannot be found. The situation is similar for tool management: time lost locating production tools, problems in the structured organization of tool maintenance, and no documented information about key performance indicators of the tool – these are today's norm.

The future: CONNECT|M. A new system solution consisting of specially developed, web-based software, combined with various hardware components. Cameras, sensors and QR codes will provide a connection between tool, die-cutting machine and operator in your production. With this digital connection, we will be able to provide you with the finest performance tracking and the most efficient tool management. This will enable you to identify trends as well as potential and, thanks to the key indicators obtained, you will have the perfect basis for your decisions on all aspects of the die-cutting process. And all of this independently of the machine and die manufacturer. For maximum transparency in packaging production.

Performance Tracking
CONNECT|M's performance tracking option ensures that key performance indicators are determined quickly and easily at the touch of a button. This way you have the most important key indicators for each of your tools at a glance. This makes it possible to compare different tools with each other as well as to compare one and the same tool on different machines. In addition, the user receives an automated message in case of changes in the tool performance. Even objective performance comparisons of several production sites are simplified with CONNECT|M. The same applies to the digital storage of setup data for optimized setup for repeat jobs. The results of performance tracking are impressive: based on these key indicators, you will be able to benchmark, identify trends, uncover potential and so increase the performance of your packaging production step by step. At each of your locations.

Tool Management
Tool management is also an important component for transparency and efficiency in packaging production. To sum up: the tool must be located quickly, maintenance ensured, and quick and efficient re-ordering made possible. Defining key performance indicators for each individual tool also helps to ensure efficient use. In other words, tool availability must operate perfectly.

With CONNECT|M Tool Management, you have the advantage that all important information is always available exactly when you need it, cutting out the need for long searches. The storage of key performance indicators for each individual tool also makes tool use even more efficient. The bottom line: Simply transport your production tool to the die-cutting machine and start producing packaging.

CONNECT|M – for maximum transparency in packaging production.

Would you like to know more about CONNECT|M? We will be happy to advise you. Your Marbach specialist Tim Wolber is looking forward to hearing from you. Phone: +49 7131 918-116 E-mail:

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