30. August | Corrugated board

Die-cutting of thick materials made easy.

Special tools for honeycomb corrugated board.

Everyone is talking about climate protection. To help achieve climate targets, environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable alternatives to plastic, Styrofoam and more are in demand when it comes to transport protection.

This alternative is called honeycomb corrugated board. It is lightweight, stable, recyclable, stackable, pressure-resistant and reusable. However, its material thickness is difficult to control when die-cutting. But not with our special tools. 


Special requirements demand special tools.

The alternative solution for environmentally friendly transport protection is called honeycomb corrugated board. This material impresses with its many positive properties. This is because honeycomb corrugated board is a light but very stable type of material due to its honeycomb-like structure, but there is the thickness of the material. This makes die-cutting a very special challenge for the tool used.

A tool for die-cutting honeycomb corrugated board must be very stable, resistant and robust as well as specially equipped so that it can optimally penetrate the thick material and deliver good die-cutting results. This is not an easy task, but fortunately not a problem with Marbach's decades of experience. 

Marbach tools for die-cutting honeycomb corrugated board are characterized by their special equipment as well as the selection and quality of the materials used. This is because they are equipped with particularly robust tooth cutting rules, a suitable anvil as well as a special ejector technology. The most important factor here is the optimum coordination of these individual equipment elements. Our tools are individually tailored to the requirements of each job. This leads to smooth die-cutting processes and optimum cutting results. Best of all, the special tools described can also be used for die-cutting honeycomb corrugated board for door interiors, edge protectors, plug-in connections and packaging trays.

Are you die-cutting honeycomb corrugated board or other thick materials? Then ask for our special tools for thick materials! Your Marbach specialist is looking forward to hearing from you.


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