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Digital zone levelling – makes everything run smoothly

Efficient make-ready
An uneven platen can lead to extensive area patching with every new order and a substantial waste of time.
The Marbach solution: when inserted into the diecutter, the DZL|plate protection plate compensates for system-related tolerances in the platen for many months …


Tolerances due to an uneven platen are part of everyday life for a packaging manufacturer. These occur mostly due to wear. Although differences in the platen may be small, they are extremely important for quality and processing speed. Time-consuming area patching has to be done from scratch for every order, unless …

you have digital zone levelling from Marbach. This special machine upgrade, which bears the name DZL|plate, makes area patching almost totally unnecessary. It is based on an impression of a special grid die onto pressure sensitive foil. With the Marbach system, the individual height profile of the machine is calculated and transferred onto a make-ready protection plate. Once fitted, it ensures that tolerances are compensated for on a permanent basis.

The DZL|plate is also available for large-format corrugated board machines with a two-part protective plate. More information about the XL version of the DZLplate can be found here.

Marbach with added value: Operators of more than 500 machines throughout the world benefit every day from this effective form of zone levelling.

View the DZL|plateXL animation   View Teaser DZL|plateXL

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