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Digital zone levelling XL – makes everything run smoothly.

An uneven platen can lead to extensive area patching with every new corrugated order and a substantial waste of time.

The Marbach solution: when inserted into the diecutter, the DZL|plateXL protection plate compensates for system-related tolerances in the platen of large format corrugated board machines for many months …


Efficient make-ready in XL format.

Tolerances due to an uneven platen are part of everyday life for a packaging manufacturer. These occur mostly due to wear. Although differences in the platen may be small, they are extremely important for quality and processing speed.

Digital zone compensation is available to compensate for these tolerances. The DZL|plateXL machine upgrade for large-format corrugated board machines significantly reduces the make-ready times.

The two-part protective plate of the DZL|plateXL is individually provided with a printed height profile and thus adapted to the respective conditions of the die-cutting machine. The DZL|plateXL thus permanently takes over the zone make-ready of the machine by compensating for height differences in the platen area. This ensures optimum pressure conditions during die-cutting and significantly reduces the make-ready times for each individual job.

The DZL|plate is also available for cardboard machines. You can find more info about this version here.

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