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Durable, precise and light. This is possible.

With the duramar|alu cutting-die.

In the production of packaging, wood is usually used as the dieboard material for standard requirements. But what if wood cannot fulfil the requirements for durability when die-cutting?

Then it's time for a dimensionally stable dieboard: Specifically, for our high-end duramar|alu tool. Because this combines many technical advantages with significantly reduced weight and thus optimized handling during packaging production.


Special tools for special requirements.

For special requirements in terms of precision and durability in the production of packaging, there are dimensionally stable dieboards. The selection of their materials and their structure ensure that they remain dimensionally stable even under hygroscopic influences and strong climatic fluctuations. Dimensionally stable dieboards are available in a wide variety of materials and in many different designs. Precision, and thus low tolerances as well as hygroscopic properties, are particularly important here. The material used should be thermally stable and thus not change its dimensional stability due to environmental influences such as temperature fluctuations or humidity conditions. Last but not least: The weight of the tool also plays an essential role for the user in packaging production.

One tool that fulfils all these requirements is the duramar|alu tool: In this special tool, the dieboard made of glass-fiber strengthened plastic is combined with aluminum sheets. This not only ensures maximum dimensional stability even under changing climatic conditions, but also substantially less weight. 

duramar|alu is not only of lightweight construction, but also the most stable, the most durable and the most dimensionally stable Marbach tool. This high-end tool has outstanding technical properties and is significantly lighter than its predecessor tool in steel version. The duramar|alu tool thus combines many advantages in one tool and convinces users at all levels: 

  • The fact that the duramar|alu tool is more than 30% lighter than its steel predecessor ensures effortless handling and reduced workload. A positive side effect is that the lower weight also saves transport costs. 
  • Thanks to its high precision and low tolerances, the register accuracy of duramar|alu is excellent, guaranteeing the best creasing results and first-class packaging quality – even with large machine formats.
  • Its exceptional durability allows multiple reknivings and reduces costs in the long term. The perfect rule fit ensures flawless packaging. 
  • A positive side effect of the special tool design: replacing the ejector rubber is quick and easy.
  • The duramar|alu dieboard is ideally suited for embossing and Braille embossing. 


Do you need a cutting-die that meets the highest demands for quality and durability? Preferably one that is also lightweight? Then ask for our cutting-die duramar|alu. Your Marbach specialist is looking forward to hearing from you. 


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