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Economy meets ecology.

With the dieboard greenplate.

Is it all economy? No, not quite. The issue of supply security and environment also play an important role when it comes to packaging production.

With the all-rounder Marbach greenplate it is possible to reach several goals at once: it ensures supply security, reduced CO2 emissions, and also impresses with its technical advantages.


3 in 1: environment, security of supply and economy.

There are many dieboards as a basis for die-cutting tools: In different sizes, thicknesses and numerous designs. Depending on the requirements, the right dieboard can be selected. But what happens when raw materials become limited and supply security is threatened? And what if the cutting-die not only has to cut efficiently, but also has to be as gentle as possible on the environment? Then a very special dieboard is needed that combines the issues of the environment, security of supply, and economy. And that in a single dieboard.

The main material for a cutting-die is a dieboard made of birch wood. A shortage of birch as a raw material and the associated supply bottlenecks have a massive impact on the supply of cutting-dies to packaging manufacturers. And without cutting-die, there is no packaging production. At the moment, raw material supplies are limited in many areas. This is also the case for the slow-growing raw material birch from Nordic forests. This makes it all the more important to achieve the greatest possible independence from such limited resources. And if a cutting-die can also convince through ecology and economy, then it is a real innovation for the future.

Good news for you: Such a dieboard exists. Its name is Marbach greenplate. The greenplate is the first and only ecologically sustainable carrier plate that not only protects the environment, but also offers numerous technical advantages and, thanks to its special composition, also ensures delivery reliability.

But let's start at the beginning: The Marbach greenplate dieboard consists to 30% of the primary raw material birch, 70% of the board is made of environmentally friendly secondary material from ecologically sustainable forests. The innovative structure of the Marbach greenplate increases wood utilization and ensures that significantly less birch wood needs to be used than with conventional cutting-dies. This means 3 times as many tools can be produced from the same amount of birch material. In addition, the greenplate saves CO2 emissions during transport thanks to the special material selection, and thus saves important resources and protects the environment.

But that's not all: Marbach greenplate also offers the user numerous technical advantages in packaging production. The excellent flatness, high compressive strength and high dimensional stability of the plate ensure short makeready times, high machine speeds and excellent storage durability.

With greenplate, ecology meets economy: an innovation that is more up-to-date than ever and which has been used successfully by numerous Marbach customers – since its market launch more than 12 years ago.

Would you like to know more about the Marbach greenplate? We will be pleased to advise you. Your Marbach specialist is looking forward to hearing from you.


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