12. April | Corrugated board | Cutting die | Market-Insights

Exclusive survey on fiber packaging

Breaking News - We have fresh figures on a topic that moves the packaging industry is in a state of pandemic: fiber packaging.

The picture is encouraging, as there are are predominantly very positive expectations for business development. But: there are also major tasks that await. The concrete figures of the survey are available here ...


Opportunities, risks and a lot of homework. 

In the midst of the pandemic, we look back on the development in the field of fiber packaging. The results of the survey are encouraging: manufacturers of fiber packaging have, for the most part, weathered the crisis months well so far. But what does the future bring? What are the expectations here?

As already mentioned, most manufacturers have coped well with the crisis so far. Some may even have experienced a growth spurt. Only around 5 percent of the companies surveyed have 
experienced a sharp drop in sales that threatens their own economic existence. With Looking ahead to the next three years, the picture brightens up quite a bit. Around 77 percent of respondents 
expect slight or even strong growth, and no company expects a significant decline of more than three percent.

However, not everything is all bright – and Corona is not to blame. The manufacturers of fiber packaging are also facing all kinds of challenges. Costs, competition and the pressure to develop new products. Download the exclusive survey now. And see more figures on the business climate 2020 in retrospect and an outlook for 2021-2023.


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11. August | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Corrugated board

Better all the way than not at all.

When producing folding cartons, in order to separate the blanks from a sheet of paperboard, blanking is the optimal method. If this is not preferred, the entire sheet can also be stacked in the blanking station.

And this is very easy - with the Marbach universal sheet delivery: Simply add this male tool in the blanking unit, adjust it and the sheet delivery works quickly and reliably.

07. Mai | Innovation & digitalization | Service | Folding Boxes | Cutting die | Corrugated board | Top-News

Ready for the future?!

The future is here! Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are trends that can no longer be ignored. But how should a non-digital process - like the production of packaging - be digitalized?

It's simple: we pave the way to the digital future of die-cutting for you. For smooth processes. Short make-ready times. And a clear goal: to arrive in Industry 4.0. Here you will find more information and two free web sessions.

15. April | Folding Boxes | Cutting die | Corrugated board

Digital zone levelling – makes everything run smoothly

Efficient make-ready
An uneven platen can lead to extensive area patching with every new order and a substantial waste of time.
The Marbach solution: when inserted into the diecutter, the DZL|plate protection plate compensates for system-related tolerances in the platen for many months …

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