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Folding cartons or corrugated board packaging cost money.

An exciting question for which there are more than 2 million hits on the google search. But there is no real result, no clear answer to that question. We at Marbach have the answer for you. Exclusively.


That is obvious. What is not obvious, however, is how high the cost of the cutting-die is in relation to a specific product.

The Marbach Group has customers in almost all regions of the world who could not be more different: with different company sizes, structures and organizations. Within the scope of an extensive market data project we have determined the average cost share of the cutting-die on a folding carton or corrugated board packaging.

Of course, there are many differences to be considered in an international survey, such as country-specific and regional influences and different price structures for the procurement of raw materials. Since raw material prices sometime vary greatly from region to region, the conclusion would be that the cost share of the cutting-die would have to be very different depending on the region/country. But this is not the case. If you look at the proportion of the cost of the cutting-die that is part of the selling price (= turnover), the picture is very clear.

You will find the exact numbers in the graphic after registration. The result is surprising. Despite very different costs in the different countries of the world, the share of the costs of the cutting-die of the packaging is very similar. Would you have expected that? If you would also like to know where the future paperboard growth markets lie, click here.


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