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Knowledge is the road to success

Your expertise for reduced make-ready times
Small print runs mean frequent re-tooling. In such cases, it is particularly important that make-ready times are as short as possible.

The Marbach solution: In the Marbach Academy we deliver the expertise for all technologies in modules that are designed to be both educational and meaningful in content, and provide answers to your questions ...


A machine which runs creates turnover. A machine at standstill costs money. What makes a machine run? The people who work on it. At our Marbach Academy, we ensure that all those involved in the process are kept up-to-date, are provided with the latest technical knowledge and obtain practical expertise.

The main focus at the center is on the make-ready times, as ever smaller quantities are required and delivery is preferably made “just in time”. In our courses, we demonstrate practically how to avoid unnecessary machine make-ready times and machine downtimes under these conditions. Flexibility, continuity, reliability, punctuality and highest quality are the objectives. Added to these are cost savings and maximum performance in the production of your packaging. The machines and cutting dies used play only a subordinate role, as the steps which are necessary for making-ready are always very similar. Work in the tool preparation can make all the difference. But more about that in our training course …

We offer our training courses either face-to-face or as an online course under the motto “More knowledge. More Skills.” – exactly matched to your individual requirements on request. They are held by trainers with decades of experience.


Calculator for creasing matrix.

Calculator for creasing matrixes. Here you can now quickly and easily calculate the right creasing matrix for your requirements on your desktop or smartphone. Simply enter the values and receive the result immediately.

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