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Lightweight and precise in large format.

solidplate|alu tool.

When die-cutting large folding box formats, precision is essential. The larger the tool, the more the smallest dimensional tolerances will impact. Tool weight is also a significant factor for large formats.

How can you get both? Quite simply: with the solidplate|alu. Thanks to its special design, it is not only light, but also highly precise. And thus ensures easy handling, productivity in packaging production and the best die-cutting results.


Special tools for special requirements.

When die-cutting large formats, various factors are important: Here it is not only of particular importance that a tool is dimensionally stable and precise so that it ensures productivity and good die-cutting results. But it is also important that the handling of the tool is as simple as possible. After all, what is the point of having a great tool if the handling is unnecessarily complicated?

Various dieboard materials can be used as the basis for cutting-dies. In addition to standard wood materials, other materials are also possible. These have clear advantages over wood in terms of dimensional stability (hygroscopic properties!), register to the steel counter plate and number of reknifings which are possible. Particularly with large-format tools, it is not only precision that is important for maximum performance, but also the weight of the tool. 

A tool that optimally meets exactly these requirements is the Marbach solidplate|alu. The solidplate|alu is made up of 3 layers: Two aluminum top layers enclose a center layer of marbacore material. This special combination of materials ensures high (dimensional) stability and low weight.

Solidplate|alu is used primarily for food packaging, but numerous other applications are also possible, such as in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries. 

Do you need a cutting-die that is stable and at the same time relatively lightweight? Then ask for our solidplate|alu. Your Marbach specialist is looking forward to hearing from you.


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