03. December | Folding Boxes

New and yet comfortingly familiar: the split anvil

Safe processes for elegant opening mechanisms.
Opening mechanisms are a major challenge: long make-ready times, low repeat accuracies and unstable cutting processes.
The Marbach solution: The new split anvil, a special reverse cutting technology which enables the implementation of particularly elegant opening mechanisms, with significantly reduced make-ready times and great results …


Opening perforations are practical but have disadvantages. On the one hand, they let dust through and, on the other, they do not look attractive. This is where reverse cutting technology can help, whereby both sides of the box are partially cut. This looks good and works perfectly thanks to Marbach …

With reverse cutting, the substrate is not cut through entirely but has slightly offset partial cuts from both sides. This maintains the printed image and the packaging remains sealed. Reverse cutting enables significantly more elegant opening mechanisms to be used with the packaging. Marbach mastered this technology many years ago. With the new, split anvil, Marbach has now taken a major step further, which is good news for all producers who have relied on reverse cutting technology in the past. They are now able to use the split anvil with immediate effect.

Make-ready times are considerably shorter. And what is more, the stability of the cutting process as well as the repeat accuracy are also increased with this Marbach added-value solution.


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02. September | Cutting die | Folding Boxes

Strong-selling paperboard packaging at the point of sale.

Packaging is what sells a product. Therefore, at the point of sale, increasingly elaborate packaging designs are required. One popular method of visually enhancing and embellishing packaging is embossing, which can be used to highlight particular individual elements.

Find out how you can use embossing to make your packaging a real eye-catcher at the point of sale in our white paper.

16. August | Folding Boxes | Cutting die

Systematic separation.

Machine blanking is the latest trend. Now more than ever. Today, even for simple layouts and short runs, the blanks are separated automatically after the die-cutting and stripping process.

There are many possible solutions. We can tell you which strategy is the right one for which job. For optimum use of the blanking station of your die-cutting machine.

11. August | Cutting die | Folding Boxes | Corrugated board

Better all the way than not at all.

When producing folding cartons, in order to separate the blanks from a sheet of paperboard, blanking is the optimal method. If this is not preferred, the entire sheet can also be stacked in the blanking station.

And this is very easy - with the Marbach universal sheet delivery: Simply add this male tool in the blanking unit, adjust it and the sheet delivery works quickly and reliably.

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