12. March | Cutting die | Corrugated board

Optimum results when die-cutting corrugated board packaging.

With the special tool marbacover|2.0.

During the production of corrugated board packaging, the inner layers can burst open. Especially when using cover layers of corrugated board made from materials with lower quality properties. But how can good packaging quality be achieved – even with such difficult materials?

We have the solution for this: With the special tool technology marbacover|2.0, it is possible to reduce bursting inner layers to a minimum and achieve optimum die-cutting results. And marbacover|2.0 is suitable for almost all corrugated board qualities.


Special technology for special requirements

One challenge that often arises when processing corrugated board is the bursting of the inner layers during die-cutting. This is because tension occurs in the corrugated board during the die-cutting process, which – depending on the moisture and condition of the corrugated board – can lead to bursting inner layers. Furthermore, more and more corrugated board with a high recycled content has been used for packaging production in recent years. Of course, this makes a lot of sense in terms of sustainable packaging solutions. However, the risk of ceiling cracks is significantly higher with such materials. 

One solution that can minimize the occurrence of bursting inner layers in corrugated board is marbacover|2.0. This special tool is fully covered with rubber material. This ensures that the corrugated board is compressed over its entire surface during the die-cutting process, significantly reducing stresses and cracks in the corrugated board.

Another important advantage has been demonstrated in numerous customer tests: marbacover|2.0 not only protects the corrugated board from bursting the inner layers, but also ensures that the loss of caliber resulting from compression is very low with up to 15%. 

Do you need a cutting-die for corrugated board that reduces bursting inner layers, ensures high packaging quality, and guarantees a smooth packaging process? Then try marbacover|2.0. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.


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