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Performance for cutting-die preparation.

With the marbach hand device.

For maximum productivity and low make-ready times, in most cases only the die-cutting machine and the tools used are examined. Often forgotten is that the preparation of the tools also plays an important role.

With the hand tools from Marbach, you can optimally equip your cutting-die preparation. For top performance in the production of your packaging.


Low make-ready times, maximum machine uptime and good packaging quality. These goals will be achieved with a well-maintained and adjusted die-cutting machine. And with the right die technologies. But that's not all: to achieve even higher productivity, other factors have to be taken into account. Here optimum preparation of the cutting-die plays an important role.

There are many cogs that need to turn for more efficient packaging production. One cog that often receives little attention in practice is cutting-die preparation. What's the point if the die-cutting machine and the cutting-die are in top shape, but small adjustments become necessary during production which eat up valuable time? 

To ensure that cutting-die preparation can be carried out in the best way possible, it is important to have the right equipment. As specialists for cutting-dies, we know from many years of experience which devices are indispensable in cutting-die preparation:

The mcut|multi is a true multi-talent. Its outstanding feature is that it combines the functionality of 3 devices in one. With it, you can cut rule materials to length, notch, and cut lips and double lips. Its perfect installation location is directly at the processing machine or in the work preparation area. With the mcut|multi, your cutting-dies are optimally prepared for use in manufacturing and so ensure the production of your packaging can continue quickly.

The mcut|round is simple and clever. It is a hand device for cutting defined radii at the end of creasing rules. You can use it to cut different radii, both on flat and rotary creasing rules. Always with consistent quality. This gives you permanently clean creasing results. Your advantage: it prevents the paperboard from cracking at the creasing ends. For high quality creasing of your packaging.

The mcut|matrix makes your life easier during preparation. It cuts creasing matrix quickly, precisely and reliably. Its special mechanics reduce the cutting force. And the creasing matrix is child's play to cut. It is a flexible, ergonomic, and very robust device that is perfectly matched to the requirements of your production. For fast onward production.

The mbend is a manual bending device to optimize bending processes. It ensures optimum bending processes and precisely bent rules in your production. It is robust, variable and easy to handle. The mbend is designed for rule thicknesses from 1.5 to 4pt and rule heights from 8 to 50mm. With an extensive range of standard bending forms. With the special scale, depth setting is quick and accurate. The possibility of locking ensures precise repeatability. The mbend: The ideal hand tool for precise and fast work.

Nick grinder with rechargeable battery:
The nick grinder with rechargeable battery is a manual hand tool for grinding nicks into cutting rules. It impresses with its simple handling. The powerful battery ensures high flexibility for use in your production. The large contact surface of the battery-powered nick grinder ensures very stable and precise grinding. Due to the integrated scale, the nicks can be placed exactly at the right place into the cutting rule. The perfect grinding speed ensures absolutely burr-free nicks. Nick grinder with rechargeable battery: For precise nicks.

You want to know more about the Marbach devices? Technical data, space requirements, exact equipment? Then contact your Marbach specialist: André Angermeir,, Tel. +49 7131 918-664

Many of our customers are already using Marbach devices. You can also benefit from better performance in your die preparation. We will be happy to advise you on which devices are best suited to your requirements.


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