21. September | Cutting die | Tobacco

Process reliability par excellence.

The production of cigarette packaging and the subsequent packing process are characterized by their very own laws. The topics of high speed, maximum productivity and creasing parameters play a central role in tobacco applications.

Read our whitepaper to find out how you can ensure the safety of your processes in the tobacco sector.


Best performance in Tobacco applications.

Die-cutting cigarette packaging places high demands on a cutting-die package. Because the goal when packing cigarettes is clear: maximum process reliability and high speed. The challenge: packing machines are very sensitive to the smallest deviations. Creasing values that are different from the specifications, blanks that are not completely free of waste, or unclean carton stacks cause machine stops that significantly reduce packing performance. But frequently changing paperboard materials, which in turn have an impact on creasing specifications, also make life difficult for packaging manufacturers.

The production of cigarette packaging and the subsequent packing process are characterized by their very own laws. Depending on the packaging layout, the challenges are different once again. Hinge lid, bevel edge or round corner packaging: not only do they all have to be manufactured productively, but the cigarettes also have to be packed smoothly, quickly and safely.

To achieve process reliability in tobacco applications, the 5 most important influencing factors must be taken into account when packing cigarettes. In addition to strict adherence to defined creasing parameters for best creasing results, an important role is played by the flexibility of the cutting-die package used with regard to changing paperboard qualities. The absence of waste from the processed blanks, exact stacking of the individual blanks, and 100% cut flaps for hinge lid designs are also basic requirements for a stable, automated packaging process.

With the right cutting-dies, stripping and blanking tools, packaging manufacturers can ensure productivity in the manufacture of their packaging on the one hand, but above all process reliability in packing of cigarettes. It is crucial to select the right technologies for the respective application. There are various options for this: in die-cutting, these include stabilized dieboards as well as the crease-plate-die in various designs for stable creasing parameters, but also Embossing-Register-Systems for fast and precise embossing set-up. In the stripping area, the masterstrip|plate - optionally with pre-breaking of flaps - is available for reliable stripping processes, as is the lower pin unit for guaranteed waste-free operation. In the blanking station, the alublanker ensures perfectly stacked blanks and smooth further processing.

As you can see, using the right technologies ensures the best performance in tobacco applications.

Our whitepaper gives you a detailed overview of the possible technologies. You will also learn when which technology makes the most sense for maximum process reliability.

If you also need support from our experienced specialists in deciding which technology is right for you, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your individual questions. Our Marbach specialist Willie Knight looks forward to hearing from you:, Tel. +49 7131-918-421.


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