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Seek and you shall find.

With the Storage System MDSS.

Not only the cutting-die must be right. But also its storage. To protect it from damage. And so that it is quickly available at the die-cutting machine.

We have the perfect solution. Our MDSS (Marbach Die Storage System) ensures safe storage of your cutting-die. Flat or rotary. And also ensures quick accessibility, so you don't have to search for long.


Seek and you shall find: Just-in-time at the die-cutting machine.

In-house logistics in a print shop must be right. This also includes the tools used to produce packaging. Not only must these die-cutting tool packages be stored securely so that they are undamaged in the event of a repeat job. No, they also must be accessible at all times and located quickly so that they are available just-in-time at the die-cutting machine. Even on the spur of the moment, if an urgent job has to be scheduled at short notice. Well-functioning logistics avoid time loss and ensure smooth packaging production. With solutions from Marbach.

Efficient functioning internal logistics have an impact on productivity. With Marbach's MDSS (Marbach Die Storage System) you will be on the safe side: because it ensures that your dies will be stored absolutely safely and at the same time protected against damage. But that is not all. Due to its design and its combination with perfectly matched handling systems (depending on the MDSS version and size), the MDSS ensures that the die packages can be transported quickly and safely to their place of use. This means that they will always be in the right place at the right time. All done quickly and reliably, without the need for any long searches. The MDSS is available for flat die packages up to 2,100 format and for rotary dies up to a shell diameter of 690mm.

The MDSS system from Marbach has a modular design and can be configured individually, depending on the requirements. For this purpose, different cassettes or rail sizes as well as handling systems are available. An MDSS can be installed as a small storage system directly at the die-cutting machine for continuous production, but also at a separate facility containing a few storage locations or as a large storage system with several thousand storage locations on multiple levels. The flexibility of the MDSS system also makes it easy to implement special space-related solutions.

With an MDSS, you ensure safety and reliability in the supply of your tools to the die-cutting machine.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by an MDSS storage system? We will be happy to advise you.


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