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Sharply reduced knife patching times

Tolerances? Angel hair? Overpressure? It doesn’t have to be this way ...
Knife make-ready times are a decisive factor. The shorter they are the better. The more gentle, the more economic. But it’s not just about the tool. It is also about making processes more productive.

The Marbach solution: The mpower package. Endowed with special features, it ensures better performance in the processes and therefore in the production of your packaging ...


Our mpower technology has been established for many years. The mpower package consists of a special cutting rule and special laser and assembly techniques along with specifically calculated ramp-up and cutting pressures. If you are only convinced by figures, then that is no problem, as you can save up to 90% of your make-ready time with the mpower package.

The heart of the mpower technology is the cutting rule. Its rounded cutting tip can absorb more overpressure than conventional cutting rules. Making-ready therefore takes much less time – without damaging the tool. The Marbach knifing technique and the special laser cut ensure that the rule sits in an optimum manner and is not under stress. This aspect is also important for tool performance, as unstressed “movable” knives rest cleanly and uniformly on the cardboard sheet, at the same height, free from damage and require virtually no patching. For short patching times and good cutting results.

Is that all? No, as information on the ramp-up pressure and calculated cutting pressure are lasered onto the cutting die. The time-consuming process of converging to the perfect pressure is therefore not required. This not only saves time, but also protects the tool. In short – the mpower package represents the highest cutting performance. Sheet by sheet.


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