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pure edge.

Visible edges play an important role in corrugated board packaging. They should be attractive. And free of lints and marks. For sales-boosting packaging at the point of sale.

With a very specific Marbach technology, beautiful visible edges always succeed. Its name: pure edge. For flawless visible edges and best machine performance in the production of corrugated board packaging


Strong corrugated packaging for the point of sale.

When die-cutting corrugated board, various requirements have to be met. When it comes to packaging, a brand owner pays particular attention to the clean finish of the visible edges. This is because his aim is to use the packaging to present his product in the best possible way at the point of sale. For the packaging manufacturer, machine performance is also an important criteria. With pure edge, you can achieve both: beautiful visible edges and efficiency in the production of your corrugated board packaging.

At the point of sale, a package must do one thing above all: convince through its appearance. In order for it to do this, flawless visible edges play a particularly important role. In conventional die cutting tools, effect rubber is used on the visible edges along the cutting rules. In practice, this often leads to problems with marks and the formation of angel hair. For products where the beauty of the packaging is important at the point of sale, this is of course an absolute no-go.

That's why pure edge technology is available for packaging refinement. It makes unsightly visible edges a thing of the past. With pure edge, the rubber along the cutting rule is replaced by steel pressers. These pressers are individually adapted to the material to be die-cut. They compress the corrugated board next to the knife. Pure edge has many positive effects:

  • Due to the steel design of the pressers, they are extremely low in wear. The result is a very durable die with consistent results over a very long period of time.
  • The steel pressers ensure less die-cutting dust and thus greater hygiene during the die-cutting process.
  • The visible edges of your corrugated board packaging succeed without any marks or lints.
  • There are fewer tensile forces in the carton. This can reduce the size and number of nicks in the packaging and prevent surface cracking.

Due to its special design, pure edge can also be used in very narrow areas. Even where effect rubber reaches its limits. This makes it more flexible than effect rubber and ensures beautiful visible edges even in very narrow areas.

pure edge stands for visually flawless packaging. But also top machine performance. An absolute must if you value visually flawless packaging at the point of sale.

You want to know more about pure|edge or want to test pure|edge? Then contact your Oliver Thüringer,, Tel. +491709180001


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