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Simply productive.

With the thinplate.

A hotfoiling die for packaging embellishment must be perfectly positioned. Whether flat or fluted, the positioning must match the layout. Unfortunately, in practice positioning is a very time-consuming process.

Our solution: the thinplate system. On this special steel plate, you can adjust and archive the embossing position during hotfoiling. This saves you valuable set-up time for each repeat job.


Maximum performance in hotfoiling.

When refining packaging with hotfoiling, the register between the packaging layout and embossing plates must be perfect. This is because hotfoiling must be perfectly positioned to meet the visual demands of high-quality packaging embellishment. With hotfoiling, such matching is time-consuming. It can take several hours for the layout and female dies to fit together perfectly. The problem here is that if the position of the female dies is not archived on a job-specific honeycomb plate, this work will be necessary for every make-ready, and also for every repeat job. 

In practice, our customers usually do not use a job-specific honeycomb plate. Why is that? Quite simply, to purchase a separate honeycomb plate for each job that runs repeatedly would be very expensive. Since honeycomb plates are used universally, the position of the embossing plates must always be realigned with the layout. For each individual job, and also for each repeat job.

To save you this unnecessary waste of time in the future, there is the thinplate from Marbach. This is attached to the honeycomb plate mounted on the machine. With this cost-effective solution, the embossing plates are pre-mounted on a special steel plate according to the print layout. In the case of hotfoiling, this pre-assembly is carried out by taking into account a calculated reduction factor, since in this application the foil is transferred via heat. In the ideal situation, the position of the hotfoiling fits immediately. However, if something needs to be adjusted, the female dies can be quickly readjusted. This is because they are mounted so that they can be repositioned on the thinplate and can therefore be set-up quickly and precisely to match the layout of the packaging by means of a scale. And best of all, this position can be archived for the next repeat job. This means that for repeat jobs, everything happens very quickly: by positioning the thinplate on the honeycomb plate, packaging production can start immediately. The result: high-quality embellished packaging with embossing and hotfoiling that perfectly matches the layout. 

The thinplate - for maximum productivity in hotfoiling. Perfectly matching the layout.

Would you like to know more about the thinplate? We will be happy to advise you. Your Marbach specialist is looking forward to hearing from you.


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