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Small paperboard connection with a big effect.


The fewer nicks a package has, the more flawless it is. So far so good. Unfortunately, for production reasons, it is almost impossible to produce packaging with no nicks at all. So what can we do?

It is important to find the optimum balance between functionality and appearance. The motto for nicks is: as thin as possible, only as many as necessary. Find out how you can solve this difficult task in our factsheet.


Nicks and their importance.

To ensure that the paperboard sheet can be reliably transported through all stations of the die-cutting machine during the die-cutting process, the single blanks should not be completely separated from each other in the die-cutting station. Small connecting points are therefore required between the blanks and the waste parts to hold them in the die-cut sheet. The so-called nicks are created by small interruptions in the cutting rules.

A distinction is made between transport and waste nicks, depending on their function. The requirements for these two types of nicks are very different. But that's not all: the number, position, and the size of the required nicks depend on various influencing factors. In our factsheet about nicks, you can find out exactly what these factors are, which position of nicks is optimal and when, and how the nicks are best inserted into the cutting rules.

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