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Stripping for the really tough cases.

With the lower pin unit.

The stripping process has to be perfect. A major challenge: 100 % waste-free for difficult jobs. Unusual tasks therefore require unusual solutions.

That is why Marbach offers the lower pin unit. With this job-specific, specially equipped tool made of aluminum, the blanks are waste-free and the stripping process is stable. From the first to the last sheet.


Waste-free - even for the most difficult jobs.

When stripping, the productivity of the process and the waste-free nature of the blanks are crucial. Waste-free blanks are particularly important when they are produced on pallets and delivered directly to the end customer without any inspection stage. For stable processes in further processing, it is therefore absolutely necessary to use a stripping technology that ensures waste-free blanks.

Conventional stripping technologies reach their limits at this point, especially with very small waste parts:

  1. When using conventional stripping, the bottom pins have to be set manually one by one in the preparation stage or at the machine. This is time-consuming and means the machine will be at a standstill during this set-up or optimization process. There is also the risk that the grid in the die-cutting machine will need to be repeatedly cleared of waste during the die-cutting or stripping process. All of this results in reduced productivity.
  2. When using dynamic stripping in demanding layouts, the process is difficult to control. Here, too, reduced productivity can occur due to various influencing factors, such as register fluctuations or waste nicks.

If maximum reliability at high machine speeds is required during stripping and this cannot be achieved with conventional tools, then the lower pin unit comes into play. Possessing special features, it ensures that the stripping process remains safe and stable. The precision lower pins used are very precise and already optimally positioned on delivery. Readjustment in the machine is therefore not necessary. This ensures zero waste and significantly reduced set-up times. The individual design means that the lower pin unit optimizes the drop space, which in turn means that the waste parts can be discharged unhindered. Another big plus is that the lower pins do not have to be repositioned for repeat jobs; they are already optimally positioned. The lower pin unit only needs to be installed in the machine and it is then ready for immediate use.

For high productivity in your stripping process and waste-free blanks.

Would you like to know more about the lower pin unit? We would be happy to advise you. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.


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