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Systematic embossing and refining

The embossing register system IV
If it doesn’t fit, we’ll make it fit. This is easily said. Continually changing orders and time pressure are the challenges where embossing and refining are concerned.

The Marbach solution: Save time. Ensure quality at the highest level. And avoid waste. Our embossing register system IV enables typical challenges to be overcome. And ensures better performance, higher productivity and satisfied customers ...


The embossing register system IV comes into play in places where things often don’t fit as they should – at the register. The register plays the decisive role for the quality and impact of an embossing. The make-ready of embossing dies takes time and often many trial runs before the female embossing dies perfectly match the printed image.

Marbach has changed all this. Every female embossing die is accurately adjusted to the printed image using tailor-made steel bolts. In this way, a perfect register of printed image and embossing is achieved both quickly and easily. Even complex, high-quality embossings can be easily repeated without errors or complaints.

Why are perfect embossing and refining so important? Because market trends clearly point to refinement. With different embossing technologies, packaging can be made into an eyecatcher at the point of sale. 2D, 3D or hot foil embossing make something special out of every packaging. We stay “on the ball”, as the correctly fitting register is a critical topic for the client when it comes to embossing. We will be considering trouble-free embossing and refining in more detail in future contributions. The best way is to order the INSIDER EXPERIENCE here and now - in the right column - and then you won’t miss anything ...


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Calculator for creasing matrixes. Here you can now quickly and easily calculate the right creasing matrix for your requirements on your desktop or smartphone. Simply enter the values and receive the result immediately.

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