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Systematic separation.

Machine blanking is the latest trend. Now more than ever. Today, even for simple layouts and short runs, the blanks are separated automatically after the die-cutting and stripping process.

There are many possible solutions. We can tell you which strategy is the right one for which job. For optimum use of the blanking station of your die-cutting machine.


Best performance in the blanking process.

Blanking plays a key role in the efficient further processing of blanks in packaging production. If the blanks are not precisely separated and neatly stacked, this can lead to difficulties in subsequent processes. When the blanking station of a die-cutting machine is optimally used, the productivity level of a job increases. This is why automated blanking has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the right blanking technology, you can achieve top performance in blanking, both in terms of machine speed and reliability in the finishing process on folding, gluing and packaging machines.

In the production of folding cartons, die-cutting machines are normally used that - in addition to the feeder, die-cutting and stripping stations - also have a blanking unit. In this station, the packaging blanks are separated after the die-cutting or stripping process. In addition to various blanking technologies, there is also the option of using the blanking station for full sheet delivery.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when considering how to optimize the use of your blanking station. Factors such as quantity, layout of the blanks (with single or double knife), material thickness and coating – all of these play a decisive role in selecting the right blanking tool.

Compact blanker, alublanker, marbablanker, lightblanker, nick-breaking or full sheet delivery – which is the right choice for the particular job? Well, that all depends. Because in blanking, deciding on the right strategy will determine the level of productivity as well as the reliable further processing of the blanks. We have summarized the various selection parameters for you in a decision aid. You can find this decision-making aid and lots more information on the topic of "Optimal use of the blanking station of your die-cutting machine" in our free whitepaper.

If you would also like the support of our experienced specialists in deciding which technology is right for you, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Our Marbach specialist Jan Brunner looks forward to hearing from you:, Tel. +49 7131-918-388.


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