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Tear open without problems.

Creating functioning tear-open mechanisms for corrugated board packaging is no easy matter. Because absolute precision is what counts here.

But this is not a problem with Marbach's solution. Because with the height-adjustable anvil, the height of the reverse-cutting can be adjusted quickly and easily. For short make-ready times and ensuring best functionality of the tear-open mechanisms.


Low make-ready times and perfectly functioning tear-open mechanisms.

A tear-open perforation must work. Otherwise, the end consumer will be annoyed when opening the packaging. This requires high precision. With reverse cutting technology, very special tear-open mechanisms can be created in packaging. This is possible because the board surface remains intact, which not only produces visually appealing results but also has the advantage that no dust can penetrate the packaging. Why is this so? In reverse-cutting, both sides of the corrugated board are not cut  through, but only scored. This looks attractive and also works perfectly thanks to Marbach ...

In reverse-cutting, the corrugated board material is not cut through but scored in an offset manner. As a result, the print image is retained and the package remains closed. With reverse-cutting, highly elegant opening mechanisms can be used for packaging. However, the staggered scoring of the corrugated board material also means that high precision is required in the production of the packaging. Marbach has mastered this technique with absolute reliability and has done so for many years. And with the height-adjustable anvil, this technique becomes even more efficient:  because with this new Marbach technology you can quickly and easily adjust the height of the anvil by inserting or removing foils positioned under the anvil.

This means that you can now save a considerable amount of time during reverse-cutting. And flexibly align the anvil for perfectly functioning tear mechanisms.

The height adjustable anvil is also available for folding box applications. You can find more information here


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