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The rubber does the trick.


Rubbering has a major influence on the performance of a die-cutting machine during packaging production. That's why selecting the right rubber is essential. 

When it comes to rubbering corrugated board cutting-dies (flat and rotary!), you're always on the right track with our new marbaject rubber. 


Quite clever: marbaject. High-performance rubber with high-performance features.

The rubbering of a cutting-die has a significant influence on the performance of the die-cutting machine. This is because it fixes the die-cutting sheet material during the die-cutting process, it prevents the paperboard sheet from getting stuck in the cutting-die thanks to its elastic properties, and also supports the strength of the nick. Perfectly executed rubbering is particularly important at high speeds of the die-cutting machine, as well as for complex layouts of a package.

There is a large number of rubber materials on the market. These often reach their limits in application. This is because the rubber must meet many different requirements. As a result, the cutting-die usually has to be equipped with different types of rubber, so rubbers with different properties are required – depending on where they are used in the tool. These rubbers have to be perfectly matched to each other to ensure optimum function. But that's not all: good ejection behavior, high abrasion resistance and durability, as well as a good adhesive function with equally good removability are features that our customers require from the rubber.

With these requirements in mind, we set to work and, based on our experience, developed a new rubber specifically for use in die-cutting technology. In the process, we placed particular value on ensuring that all rubber grades are perfectly matched to each other. We continuously adjusted the formula in the development process until we were finally able to hold the perfect result in our hands: marbaject.

But what makes marbaject so special?
marbaject has been designed for use in the die-cutting process. It has high rebound elasticity, so it returns to its original shape very quickly, and that ensures optimum ejector function. It is also highly resistant to abrasion and thus wear. Long service lives are the result. marbaject also protects the nick and has a good adhesive function, yet can, if necessary, be removed again without leaving any residue. Another plus: marbaject is ISEGA-certified and can therefore also be used in the food sector. Its environmental properties are also impressive.

marbaject is now available in shore hardnesses 20, 35, 40, 45 and 55. Color coding ensures easy handling during maintenance or repair.

marbaject – the clever high-performance rubber for maximum performance.


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