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The workbench is on its way ...

Every journey takes time – and therefore costs money
Only professionals can carry out perfect cutting. And professionals need professional equipment. Preferably on site. Exactly where the work is done. Why? Because every journey costs ...

The Marbach solution: mbench|smart and mbench|pro. With these mobile workstations, the workbench comes to the machine and not the other way round. This changes production processes for the better and ensures more productivity ...


First-class results are achieved under first-class conditions. In the cutting process, it is necessary to prepare the tools and, if required, also redress them during production. Inconvenient journeys between workshop and production are no longer necessary with our mobile workbenches.

The two mobile workplace solutions mbench|smart and mbench|pro represent flexibility and productivity. They are equipped for all situations whenever tool preparation or redressing directly by the machine are required. Distance is no problem thanks to the easy-running heavy-duty rollers.

The following devices can optionally be added to the mbench|smart:

  • mbend manual bender.
  • mcut|multi multifunctional device for cutting to length, notching and lipping.

There is also space for other tools, spare parts and consumables in the five integrated drawers.

The mbench|pro is even more versatile than the mbench|smart. It is a complete and professional assembly table for your production facility. There is space in its nine drawers for accessories and important equipment which you need for working on your cutting dies. It can also be individually equipped with rule processing devices. This results in your own individual, mobile workbench for maximum performance on wheels.

Optional processing devices of the mbench|pro include:

  • The mcut|multi for cutting to length, notching and lipping.
  • The mbend manual bender for bending rules.
  • The mcut|matrix for cutting creasing matrix.
  • The mcut|round for cutting defined radii at the end of creasing rules.
  • The nick grinder with rechargeable battery for grinding nicks quickly and safely.

Calculator for creasing matrix.

Calculator for creasing matrixes. Here you can now quickly and easily calculate the right creasing matrix for your requirements on your desktop or smartphone. Simply enter the values and receive the result immediately.

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