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This is how rotary die-cutting always works.

Different laws apply to rotary die-cutting of corrugated board than to flat die-cutting. This is because the rotary die-cutting tool not only has to perform die-cutting and creasing, but also the stripping function.

But how is it possible to achieve waste-free blanks at high machine speeds in rotary die-cutting? We have the right solution for you.


The right solution for every requirement.

The challenges involved in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board are multiple. The main influencing factors here are the material used (moisture, flatness, recycled content), the machine, and the quality and equipment of the cutting-die used. As a diemaker, we have no influence on the material and the machine. But we can influence the tool. In order to be able to achieve waste-free die-cutting and the highest machine speeds, we offer – in addition to our standard rotary dies – various die technologies with which you can master any challenge.

In rotary die-cutting, the tool not only performs the functions of creasing and die-cutting, but also the stripping of waste parts. In order to do this safely and efficiently – depending on the die-cutting machine you are using – you need a rotary die perfectly equipped for your particular job.

marbaspeed|r is a special high-performance tool equipped with the most advanced materials and manufactured using the very best manufacturing technologies: best rules, best dieboard materials, high-performance rubber as well as many other features. The tool equipment is tailored to your individual requirements. This means that not only cutting and creasing, but also stripping during rotary die-cutting of corrugated board is optimally achieved. marbaspeed|r is available for all corrugated board types and is suitable for both inline and offline machines. With a marbaspeed|r tool, the choice of rubber plays a significant role. Here, we use special high-performance rubber. Depending on your requirements, for example, the marbaject rubber, which is exclusively available from Marbach, is used. Its special surface structure provides the perfect grip. It is extremely compression resistant and has a very good rebound elasticity. All of which ensures outstanding die-cutting quality of blanks. In addition, marbaject's high rebound elasticity means that waste is ejected quickly and efficiently during rotary die cutting. The Marbach rubber is also tear-resistant and has low abrasiveness. This makes it highly resistant and durable. Even when other rubbers wear out and need replacing, marbaject still continues to work. It is ISEGA-certified and can therefore also be used without any hesitation for die-cutting of food packaging.

Rotary dies with active stripping technology.
In rotary die-cutting, the trend is toward the use of rotary machines with active stripping technology. Such machines employ a different technique than conventional rotary machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system where the waste is stripped by means of mechanical ejectors. Therefore, we at Marbach have developed special tools, which ensure high productivity with machines like these. This is because the tool requirements are extremely high: For maximum performance, the special rotary tools must not only be extremely precise, but also have special equipment. The result is waste-free blanks in addition to very high running speeds of the rotary machine and in this way maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting is achieved." Our special tools are suitable for all rotary machines with active stripping technology.

As you can see: With Marbach rotary tools there is the right solution for each of your requirements.

Learn more in our white paper on rotary die-cutting.

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