10. September | Cutting die | Tobacco

Tobacco: high speed from beginning to end.

Productivity and precision. These are the two success factors in the production of cigarette packaging. But which also includes a safe and stable stripping process.

Our solution: the masterstrip|plate. It ensures stability, safety and maximum speed during stripping and packing. And as an option, also for perfectly opening flaps.


Maximum performance in stripping and packing.

To maximize productivity in the production of cigarette packaging, the stripping process plays an important role. It should be as stable as possible so that the packaging production runs smoothly and so enabling the die-cutting machine to produce at high speed.

When die-cutting cigarette packaging, speed is essential. High machine speeds play a decisive role when it comes to selecting the right stripping technology. But this is the point at which conventional stripping tools reach their limits. But that's not everything: one special feature of cigarette packaging are the flaps of the blank. In order to optimally prepare the blank for further processing in the packaging machine, these flaps need to be already pre-broken during packaging production. This step takes place in the stripping or blanking station. With conventional technologies, automated pre-breaking of flaps is often an unsafe process that can lead to disruptions in the production flow.

The solution for maximum performance in stripping and packing is the masterstrip|plate. Optionally with a function for pre-breaking of flaps. The masterstrip|plate is a presser plate in the male stripper that optimally positions and fixes the sheet to the tool during stripping. The female stripper contains the marbafly lifting aid, which prevents the sheet from getting stuck during further transport. The masterstrip|plate enables very high machine speeds, an enormously reliable stripping process, and thus the best stripping performance. The additional pre-breaking of flaps also ensures perfectly opened flaps, which in turn guarantees a smooth packaging process.

Maximum performance in stripping and packaging of your cigarette production.

Would you like to know more about the masterstrip|plate with the additional optional function for pre-breaking of flaps? We would be happy to advise you. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.


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21. September | Cutting die | Tobacco

Process reliability par excellence.

The production of cigarette packaging and the subsequent packing process are characterized by their very own laws. The topics of high speed, maximum productivity and creasing parameters play a central role in tobacco applications.

Read our whitepaper to find out how you can ensure the safety of your processes in the tobacco sector.

13. September | Cutting die | Tobacco

Stripping for the really tough cases.

The stripping process has to be perfect. A major challenge: 100 % waste-free for difficult jobs. Unusual tasks therefore require unusual solutions.

That is why Marbach offers the lower pin unit. With this job-specific, specially equipped tool made of aluminum, the blanks are waste-free and the stripping process is stable. From the first to the last sheet.

13. September | Cutting die | Tobacco

Tobacco: Perfect creasing is what counts.

The creasing of a package must be perfect. Especially in the tobacco sector. Because cigarette packing machines react very sensitively, especially at full speed.

This is why Marbach has further developed its crease-plate-die technology. crease-plate-die|+ and crease-plate-die|rc with their special features ensure perfect creases for every requirement.

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