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Tobacco: Perfect creasing is what counts.

With the crease-plate-die|+ & crease-plate-die|rc.

The creasing of a package must be perfect. Especially in the tobacco sector. Because cigarette packing machines react very sensitively, especially at full speed.

This is why Marbach has further developed its crease-plate-die technology. crease-plate-die|+ and crease-plate-die|rc with their special features ensure perfect creases for every requirement.


The right technology for every requirement.

Tobacco packaging machines are very sensitive. For a smooth packaging process, the processed cigarette blanks must be exact and the creasing parameters must be right. Uniform creasing is just as important here as precise make ready. A very special challenge is round corner creasing. This is because the special effect of round corner creasing is achieved by arranging several creases very closely together when die-cutting the packaging. This looks very attractive in its finished state, but is difficult to implement.

When die-cutting cigarette packaging, the demands are very high: the creasing parameters specified by the cigarette manufacturer must be met exactly for smooth further processing. This requires the highest precision of the blanks. Conventional tools equipped with cutting and creasing rules often reach their limits at this point.

This is especially true when absolute accuracy is required or when many creases are closely placed next to each other.

So what is the solution for these applications?
It's quite simple: The Marbach crease-plate-die technology. There are various solutions depending on the requirements.

With this special tool, the creasing rules are replaced by high-precision, CNC-milled crease plates. These are elastically mounted on a dieboard and equipped with raised creases. This makes it possible to first crease and then die-cut. As a result, less tension is placed on the paperboard sheet during the die-cutting process. The outcome is attractive edges, small nicks and maximum precision.

The crease-plate-die|+ is a further development of the crease-plate-die. In this most recent edition, it now creases with a defined end gauge. This ensures that the make-ready is even more precise than with the conventional crease-plate-die, so guaranteeing more uniform creasing. For even better quality in your packaging blanks and maximum packaging speeds.

Round-corner packaging presents a very special challenge to the tool technology. Especially since the paperboard materials used in the tobacco sector are becoming increasingly diverse. With round corner creases, different forces act on the paperboard than with standard creases. In these cases, it is necessary to separate the make-ready of the normal cross creases of a creasing-plate-die from the very closely spaced round corner creases. With the crease plate die|rc, you can quickly and easily make ready a cutting-die and adapt it to the creasing parameters specified by the cigarette manufacturer. This ensures high-quality round corner blanks that easily meet the requirements of cigarette manufacturers in terms of packaging quality and packing speed.

With the new Marbach solutions, you will benefit equally from best performance: as a packaging manufacturer in the production of your packaging and as a brand owner in the packing of your cigarettes.

Would you like to know more about crease plate technologies? We would be happy to advise you. Your Marbach specialist looks forward to hearing from you.

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