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What doesn't fit is made to fit.

With register adjustment.

When producing packaging for the cosmetics industry, the paperboard sheet can become warped due to the sometimes high degree of finishing. What if the print and the tool no longer fit together?

We have the solution: With our special tool with "register adjustment", the tool can be made to fit the pressure in no time at all.


Quick adjustment of tool to print image.

The challenges in packaging production are many and varied. Especially in the case of packaging for the cosmetics industry, it can happen quickly: the cutting-die and the print no longer fit together perfectly. This is due to the fact that the cosmetics industry often works with costly printing techniques and foil laminations. This high degree of finishing can lead to warping of the paperboard sheet, with the result that the print and the tool no longer fit together perfectly.

The fundamental condition for visually attractive packaging is the perfect register from the cutting-die to the printed image. If this register is not optimal, packing will not only look unattractive, but also very unprofessional. This can have an impact on the image and quality perception of the packaged product and its brand. Since the misalignment between the cutting-die and the printed sheet can usually only be determined in the die-cutting machine, the tool must be adjusted to the printed image quickly and without any great loss of time. If this is not the case, there is a risk of production loss and machine downtime costs.

All this can be avoided with our special tool with "register adjustment". With this tool, the tool can be quickly and easily adjusted to the print image directly in the die-cutting machine. This not only leads to greater flexibility in packaging production, but also to visually flawless packaging.

Over decades, proven in the cosmetics industry: Our special tools with register adjustment.


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