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Will cigarettes soon lose their breath?

We are experiencing the erosion of the entire tobacco industry in individual countries or regions. Business logics are changing, new markets, products, new product requirements and therefore changing demands on supply chains & partners will emerge.

We have dealt with this topic from the point of view of a tool manufacturer and take a look into the future.


Changes in the Tobacco Market - AN OUTLOOK.

A look back
In 1850, there were the first cigarettes made in a cigar factory. But smoking itself is much older. As early as the 16th century, tobacco was smoked wrapped in plants. Smoking used to be considered elegant and sociable. Let's remember movies from the 1920s, in which emancipated women smoked elegantly with their cigarette holders.

The present
Today, tobacco use has lost much of its prestige. Due to the health consequences of tobacco smoking, smoking is increasingly criticized. Measures such as deterrent shock images on cigarette packaging, standardized packaging, high tax rates on tobacco products and smoking bans in public buildings are doing their bit to reduce cigarette consumption and discourage consumers from smoking. In Western Europe, this strategy is working, as can be seen from the significant decline in the number of smokers. In many other countries outside Western Europe, smoking rates are also decreasing, but nowhere near as much as in Western Europe.

As a result of this development, cigarette manufacturers are increasingly having to deal with the issue of falling sales and come up with alternatives. Of course, this also has an impact on packaging and cutting-die manufacturers who are part of the tobacco supply chain.

But where will this journey take us? What are the trends? What will change, what consequences has the future change in the tobacco market for suppliers to the tobacco industry?

We have taken an in-depth look at these issues. In our review "Will cigarettes soon lose their breath?" you will not only learn more about four important trends in the tobacco industry, but above all their significance for packaging manufacturers.

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